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Resistance to the communist regime in The People's Celtic Republic is comonplace and innefectual. Revolutions happen every few years, but nothing has ever come of them. The People's Republic has atributed the inability to end the war to these uprisings. Officially, the Celts are completely united, but the supreme leader of the republic, Lycerius, has acknowledged resistance in some respect saying, "[The Rebels]are in the pocket of the Vikings, stopping our valient efforts for peace at every turn." Little is known about the "Celtic Independents" exept that they consider themselves the guardians of ancient knowledge and want to restore the democracy that (allegedly) existed a thousand years ago. The "Inheritors" are an apparent sub group of the organization specially focused on preserving knowledge. The Independents are probably some decendant of the "Peace Party " that contested elections against the Lycerians back in the Celt's fabled democratic past.

From modern Celtic Archives department of information:

""For centuries now the Celtic nation has been in a state of war. Long have the ruling Lycerian Party promised to end it, at each election saying "Just one more term." Yet peace never comes. Each time a peace agreement is brokered, our dutiful senate struggles to hold back the blood-lust of the Lycerians, constantly bringing us to the brink of attacking our neighbours. Knowing this, the Vikings have little choice but to strike pre-emptively at our over-funded, over-equipped, and over-aggressive military.

As they wage their pointless war, our people starve. "No, you may not build a granary," says President Breathnach, "your steel is needed to build a tank." "No, you may not cut away the swamps," he sneers, "your men are needed to cut away other men." They say they fight for our safety, for our children's future, but are President Breathnach's children the ones dying in the radioactive swamps of Byblos? Freezing to death on the mountains of el-Amarna? Being vaporised by nuclear torpedoes in Sydney Harbour? Of course not. Nor were the children of Presidents ó Mordha, Mac Lochlainn, Mac Carthaigh, or any of the last 20 Lycerian presidents. javascript:void(0) Your cries for peace have fallen on deaf ears, but no longer. Vote for the PEACE PARTY, and we shall END THIS WAR!"

(This ancient piece of subversive fiction was found hidden in the secret library of a high-ranking Party member, among many such fictitious documents. Contrary to the official Party histories, this article, and others found, seem to suggest that at one point there was a governmental body known as a "senate", that people were allowed a choice in ruling parties (of which there was more than one), and that The Great Leader Lycerius was not in fact a person, but a group of people held together by common ideals. Each of those concepts are ludicrous, of course, so much so that they barely even constitute thoughtcrime.)" End Quote

Note: This piece was obviously intended originally for propaganda reasons, and probably heavily edited by the People's Celtic Republic. The part defending the Vikings is mostly nonsense, as the Vikings are well known by all acounts as bloodthirsty warmongers. Parts talking about the "Lycerian Party" can be interpreted both as evidence against Lycerian still being alive and running Celtania(as interpreted by the Archives), or as evidence that he has many supporters who inderectly ruled for him once upon a time.

From Great Nation Radio (Celtic Propaganda) : "Good Morning Celtania!

Don't you love the smell of freshly baked, government sponsored bread in the morning? Remember the rationing is in place to help you, we are all struggling together, do not commit theft.

Today's report focuses on several uprisings against our leader Lycerius. The so-called "Celtic Independents" better known as separatists, wish to tear our land asunder and prepare for enslavement by the Viking horde. Obviously so in love with their own barbaric tendency, they try and entice poor, hungry and defenseless members of the public into their dark nets with promise of gold and mead. The honourable among us know that this is merely a ploy to suck the life out of Celtania.

However our brave, valiant security forces are ever ready to guard the Celts against any intrusion. If you hear such throwaway talk against our government and so, its people, report these traitors straight away!

And now for an announcement. "The Eternal Leader needs your vigilance against the American threat. Report any suspicious persons to the nearest department of the People's Security Force." - creepig

Straight from the desk of Lycerius, a new push into the marshes will yield farmland for the first in centuries. However the evil Viking wishes us dead and so tries to uproot all that we have achieved. When we sow seeds, they tear out the sapling, when we tend to the plants, they seize for themselves. Help us to help you, enlist today and drive the barbarians from our borders!

Finally a weather report.

Rain is expected over the North of Celtania, with Alexandria and Thebes having rain for the next two days. Government Celebrations in Cardiff this weekend will not be disrupted and should have clear skies.

Thank you for choosing Great Nation Radio, your only choice in radio!

Mercy to a Viking is cruelty to your Celtic brothers. - DerylBreadda" End Quote

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The independents are known to be centered in the main unit prodicing area of Celtania, in such cities as: Dukedom'Dollet, Dun Leary, Dublin, Timber, Cork, Cardiff and Shoreside Vale. Revolutions almost always start in the capital however, for apparent strategical reasons.

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