Flag of the CSR


Coat of Arms of the CSR

The Celts hail from the West, and are one of the 3 major combatants of the Eternal War. They have been a one-party communist dictatorship under the command of Lycerius since the beginning of history. There are rumors that it was at one point a prosperous democracy, but these stories are just unverifiable folk tales now.

Here is the layout of the PSF, the monolithic and titanic military and police branch of the Celtic government. It is currently led by general Stumpy.

The First Directorate, the Republican Army, is by far the largest, and the only one to practice conscription on ordinary citizens. Its name is a holdover from the days of the Celtic Republic. First Directorate deploys everything from foot soldiers to paratroopers to the mighty behemoth tanks used along the lines with New Vikingland. Due to constant use of gas masks and other gear intended to protect against the harsh environment (those issued to lower rank troops are rarely 100% effective) First Directorate soldiers are essentially nameless and faceless until they gain enough rank to be known to their superiors. Death notices are published in batches once per week, unless the deceased is an officer, in which case the notice is sent out immediately.

The Second Directorate is the Grand Fleet, the Celtic navy. This is the oldest and most ceremonial of the directorates, and quietly claims heritage back to the first ship launched by the Celtic king. Their elite shock troop branch, the Marine Infantry, is used for shoreline raids and ship boarding. The Immortal Guard, the ceremonial bodyguard of the Great Leader Lycerius, is a part of the Marine Infantry.

The Celtic Air Force comprises the Third Directorate. Though decimated by the eternal war, they remain dedicated to the fight, and Third Directorate pilots often terrify even Marine Infantry shock troops with their fearlessness and self-sacrifice. Stories of Third Directorate pilots slamming an aircraft full of fuel into a column of tanks after running out of ammo are rather common on the nightly newsfeed.

The Fourth Directorate is the Strategic Rocket Corps. This directorate controls both the nuclear weapons of Celtania and the nuclear defenses, and the people of Fourth Directorate take morbid pride in being the long-reaching sword and shield of the Celtic people. At one time, the SRC was also responsible for the Celtic space program, but those times have fallen into distant memory.

The Fifth Directorate is the portion of the PSF that most citizens are most familiar with: Internal Security. The majority of Internal Security is composed of Uniformed Service police officers, who tend to be decent people. However, a smaller portion of Internal Security is the Investigative Service, which is the shady secret police. ISIS troops are often whispered about, arriving in armored APCs at midnight to drag off people accused of treason, never to be seen again. Insurgent groups need to be careful of running afoul of ISIS, since the rumors say that the Fifth Directorate's Citadel holds a fate much worse than death at the hands of the Republican Army.

The Sixth and final Directorate is the Intelligence Corps. Sixth Directorate operatives work secretly, either spying and sabotaging in enemy lands, gathering information about enemy troop movements, or attempting to ferret out spies. The most visible part of Sixth Directorate is the Media Services Group, who are responsible for the propoganda pieces heard daily, and for supervising the official state radio stations.

The national anthem "Celtania"


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