The following section is not canon to The Eternal War, and it based on fan fiction from Rise of the Sioux.

Rise of the Sioux occurred when Suby assumed command after escaping from the Celtic lands. Suby in the first years of his government made the Sioux start to produce more food so they will withstand the next step of increasing the population. On unrelated events, Lycerius died, and the Celts were leaderless. Ten years passed and they established a proper capital in Raging Brook, and armed themselves with nuclear weaponry, while the other factions fight each other. Without the leadership of Lycerius, the Celts were attacked at the capital by the Americans and the government was split on two, the loyalist Celts on one, and the English on another. While the Sioux people keep growing, Vikings destroyed both remaining Celts, and English in the next century. At some point of the century, they were at war with the Americans, who kept attacking the city of Point of Rocks. Attack which were defended easily by the Sioux. Once the Celts legacy was destroyed, the Americans and the Vikings were at peace. The Sioux used this time to fortify and create a bigger army. They re claimed their origin lands in the South from the hands of the Americans, although suffering a large amounts of loses. Having to sign a peace treaty with the Americans to gain a bigger advantage, Suby tried to break the treaty once they arrangements were complete, the Senate didn't liked the idea, and after having to overthrow their government, the Sioux finally marched to the final war with the Americans. by 4293, the Sioux with a population of 15.7 million people are the dominant force of the continent. Athens got nuked with another city, but the deal was sealed already.