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Sioux Coat of Arms

The Sioux are a minor power with an almost nonexistent military forces and minor presence on the World. Its leader is Sacajawea.

Their relationships with the Vikings is neither friendly, nor aggressive. The Americans are known to be extremely hostile against them, but are ignoring each other at the moment. And the Sioux are at war with the Celts.

The Sioux are said to be barely clinging to life on their remote island. They currently only have four cities to their name and are largely overlooked by the superpowers due to their insignificance. They have no nuclear weapons as of 3993. Their population numbers 100.000 able bodied men.

They are a confederation of former tribes united under the banner of the Sioux Congress. They are a relic of the past: the only nation to have a working congress.


It is believed that the Sioux originated from the south, but had to emigrate after American dominance.

As of 2993 they are confined to a small island, unofficially called Sioux Island.

They have four cities:
Sioux Island

Rise of the SiouxEdit

The following section is not canon to The Eternal War, and it based on fan fiction from Rise of the Sioux.
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Rise of the Sioux occurred when Suby assumed command of the Sioux. The events that followed resulted on the Sioux as the most powerful force of the World, and the recovery of the Southern continent.

Alliance with the CeltsEdit

The following section is not canon to The Eternal War, and it based on fan fiction from The Archangels

On Wounded Knee, the American's Archangels from the 112th Archangels Company, found evidence that the Celts were giving anti-air weaponry to the Sioux.


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